AIRA Comments - Clinical Decision Support

AIRA proposes the addition of a new HL7-balloted Implementation guide for Immunization Decision Support Forecast ( This emerging FHIR R4 standard has been balloted through HL7, published, and is in use in several pilots and/or proof of concepts. AIRA is happy to discuss in greater detail how to represent this new standard on the ISA. We believe this should fit nicely within Content/Structure or Services/Exchange Standards within their respective Clinical Decision Support sections.


consider the following text for Preconditions for Consideration:

AHRQ CDS Connect provides examples of shared CDS content and use of standards during authoring (CDS Connect Authoring Tool) 



Pharmacy HIT Collaborative's Comments on ONC's Proposed 2018 ISA

The Pharmacy HIT Collaborative supports the addition of the balloted drafts of:  HL7 Cross-Paradigm Specification: Clinical Quality Language, Release 1, STU Release 2; HL7 FHIR Profile: Quality (QI Core), DSTU Release 1; HL7 Version 3 Standard: Decision Support Service, Release 2; HL7 Implementation Guide Clinical Decision Support Knowledge Artifact Implementation Guide, Release 1.3, Draft Standard Trial Use;  HL7 FHIR Implementation Guide: Clinical Quality Framework (CQF on FHIR), DSTU Release 1, HL7 FHIR Profiles: Quality Improvement Core (QI Core), Release 2; and HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Clinical Reasoning STU Release 3. 

NCPDP - Comments

  • The Drug Utilization Review segment within the NCPDP Telecommunication Standard Implementation Guide, Version D, Release 0 (Version D.0), August 2010, enables clinical decision support.  The Observation Segment within the NCPDP SCRIPT Standard, Implementation Guide, Version 10.6 enables clinical decision support (e.g. weight segment and diagnosis code).
  • NCPDP provides additional guidance and recommendations that enables clinical decision support. (e.g.: mL guidance document: NCPDP Recommendations and Guidance for Standardizing the Dosing Designations on Prescription Container Labels of Oral Liquid Medications).