Adding Cantonese to preferred language set

I serve a large population of Cantonese speaking Chinese patients in Northern California. The prior EHR version of Centricity allowed me to pick Cantonese as a preferred language so as to facilitate identification of those patients in verbal communications from the office. Now they have adopted the list from ONC, Cantonese is no longer an option. Please add Cantonese to the list. Thank you.

NCPDP Comment

  1. NCPDP supports ONC’s recommendation.

I believe this is a very…

I believe this is a very large set of languages that includes dead language and many variants. There are smaller and more reasonable subsets. If users take this as being the required menu to present for all questions about language use, it adds a burden and time cost to filling out the required language field.

Believe there should be a required subset (and an optional extended set as is the case for racial categories) to reduce the time and burden of patient registration.

Yeah, you finally got this…

Yeah, you finally got this one right ;-) !!!