Broken link to CDISC CDASH

The top link in the standards list to CDISC's CDASH standard, does not work. It gives a "page not found" error. The URL it's trying to go to is

On behalf of Wayne Kubick,…

On behalf of Wayne Kubick, CTO of HL7: "I believe all of these in this section should be listed with Adoption Level 1.  I don’t believe any of these (including FHIR Audit Event) have had any significant adoption."


the last item (HL7 FHIR Questionnaire/Questionnaire Response) - adoption is 1 dot.  

(It has FHIR maturity level 3 "which is means no longer just emerging.")

Consider adding the following applicable value sets text:

"A major research study in USA (AllofUs study) is collecting body measurements and uses LOINC to encode them. Updates to such measurements are imported from EHR data. The value set used by them is available here

For examle, AllofUs study pre- (and post-) populates their database with the following EHR elements (and others listed in the URL above)

Body Weight (LOINC 29463-7) Body Height (LOINC 8302-2) Body Mass Index (LOINC 39156-5) Heart Rate Rhythm (LOINC 8884-9) and others..."