Incomplete demographic data in COVID-19 reports

Is anyone monitoring the completeness of data that is being exchanged? During COVID-19, many states published summaries of their data including demographic information. Some have been very transparent in reporting missing data e.g. Florida. Is there a national effort to monitor the completeness of the data that is being exchanged and to look for ways to improve it. 

Here is a summary of one of Florida's recent COVID-19 reports showing missing data from page 8: https://tinyurl.com/3vnmn6vy 

       Cumulative COVID-19 cases:

                    Unknown gender: 83,415 of 7,646,882 or 1.1 %

                    Unknown race: 545,211 of 7,646,882 or 7.1 %


     Cumulative COVID-19 vaccinated:

                    Unknown gender: 24,910 of 16,259,122 or 0.1 %

                    Unknown race: 1,717,175 of 16,259,122 or 10.6 %

    How can we improve health equity if the basic demographic data are incomplete? Are there standards that systems are trying to meet? 0.1 % missing gender sounds pretty good but 10.6 % missing race does not sound good at all. My personal experience with our EHR (Athenanet) and its data exchange with our state's immunization registry is that immunization data is exchanged but patient demographic information is not. Is that a requirement for a system to be ONC certified? Thanks.