On behalf of Wayne Kubick,…

On behalf of Wayne Kubick, CTO of HL7: "Again, I don’t think there’s any case where CDASH or RFD is or could be used for submission to reporting authority.  If ACC refers to the American College of Cardiology, why is it listed in ISA at all?  I think this section should be dropped.  I’m not aware if CDA is used in this context, but again, may not be necessary anyway.  Current production version of CDA is v2.1 (which I hope is on the HL7 comments)."


section Preconditions for Consideration should better define what it means to

"Complete Disease Registry Forms and Submit to Reporting Authority (ACC)"

It should also explain what ACC stands for.  

Consider merging this section with a section that talks about populating research form. A registry can be viewed as a special case of a research study. A special section for just registries may not be needed.

Pharmacy HIT Collaborative's Comments on ONC's Proposed 2018 ISA

The Pharmacy HIT Collaborative supports use of CDISC Clinical Data Acquisition Standards Harmonization (CDASH), IHE-RFD (Retrieve Form for Data Capture) and HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA), Release 2, Final Edition.