Creating Pathways to Prosperity For Underserved Communities in Africa.
What Does USADF Do?

USADF supports African-led development that grows community enterprises by providing seed capital and technical support. This empowers those who are least served by existing markets or assistance programs to become a part of Africa’s growth story.

Who Does USADF Work With?

“those who are presently underserved but ready to do their part"

    - Small holder Farmers
    - Youth
    - Women and Girls
    - Recovering Communities

Where Does USADF Work?

“hard to reach communities beyond Africa’s growth frontier”

  • - Conflict Affected Countries
    - Post-Conflict Affected Countries
    - Communities left behind
How Does USADF Work?

"connecting community enterprises with capital and technical support”

  • - Building a network of African expert support providers
    - Identifying community enterprises with potential
    - Providing an integrated package of support
    - Managing for results


A five year $10 million grant program in the Lake Turkana region of Kenya is an example of USADF's program focus.




The African Development Foundation Act of 1980 established a new agency with a unique mission to by-pass layers of government inefficiencies by working directly with the most needy communities in Africa.  USADF programs respond to local project requests by actively engage the local community group or enterprise in the design and implementation of the projects. This ensures that outcomes will best address the real community needs.


USADF’s unique mission is captured in its core operating principles:

(1) Focus program activities on marginalized communities in Africa.
(2) Invest in Africans and their ideas through participatory development.
(3) Ensure projects produce long term social and economic results.
(4) Promote African led and managed field project support.
(5) Achieve the highest levels of openness and transparency.
(6) Support and develop an equal oppurtunity, results driven staff that rewards hard work, dedication to the mission, and personal success.
(7) Model high effectiveness and low overhead operations.

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